Think You have to Pay Big To Insure Your Drivetrain Components? Here Are 3 Reasons That ProRig’s Warranties Will Prove You Wrong

With ProRig’s Warranty Coverage Options, your heavy duty transmission and differentials can be protected against virtually all types of failures that can occur.
Gritline Warranty Options

Why You Should Insure Your Drivetrain Components

Drivetrain Costly Parts, Labor, and Downtime

You expect a lot from your truck, and even if you religiously perform preventative maintenance, inspections, upkeep, etc. you’ll eventually have to replace wearable parts. Drivetrain components are some of the most costly replacement parts on a heavy-duty truck, yet there’s few that are more essential than your transmission and differentials.

Average Heavy Duty Transmission/Differential Replacement Scenario

Your wallet can take a hit when replacing old and/or broken parts, especially when it was preventable. Depending on the situation, there are basically 2 courses of action in repairing a transmission or differential failure. Most often, it economically advantageous to replace your failed unit with a quality remanufactured unit. While there is not a simple answer because of model variety, the average heavy-duty manual transmission can cost between $3,000 and $4,500 while a front power divider differential can range from $1600 to $2500. Automated and Allison automatics can exceed $6,000 – And don’t forget the installation costs. Depending on the truck model and labor rates, labor to install front differentials runs between $500 – $700, and a transmission R&R runs between $1100 and $1500. Plus on top of that cost, you could see a downtime of 2-3 days.

On the other hand, the option to repair your failed transmission or differential may be a viable solution. This would depend upon the severity of the failure and the overall age or condition of the unit. Downtimes and R&R labor cost are about the same as replacing the unit, but there can be considerable cost savings in the parts.

To summarize, drivetrain repair costs can add up quickly. At Wheelco, we don’t want you to spend unnecessary time and money—not to mention the time to research all the aftermarket units on the market (what are the features, benefits, reviews, common failures, and warranty options, etc). With both OE authorized remanufactured and fully tested units, and OE quality transmission and differential gearing replacement parts, you can be assured of a market superior product. Whether you replace or repair, you have two high quality repair options.

Our Pick: ProRig Parts & Warranties   

At Wheelco, we use ProRig Remanufactured Transmission & Differential units and OE quality gearing parts to repair worn out/failed components. We’ve researched the most popular units and applications for heavy-duty trucks so we can provide needed availability and minimize downtime. In selecting ProRig for our remanufactured units, we worked with product engineering and production to ensure complete confidence. In addition, we factored in market cost to assure a competitive price offering. We then worked to create the first-ever multi-level warranty program to include a No-Hassle option. It is because of these reasons that Wheelco Truck & Trailer is the exclusive distributor of the ProRig product.

Customized Coverage Options with ProRig’s Warranties

ProRig’s warranties are designed to take care of you and your drivetrain needs. ProRig’s warranty plans are customizable so that you only pay for what you need. Below, we will explain the benefits of ProRig’s warranties, review the coverage details, and explain how bundling plans are designed to save you time and money.

3 Reasons That Prove Drivetrain Warranties Don’t Have To Be Expensive

Reason #1: ProRig Standard Plan

You may be thinking that these options may cost you a lot just to get basic coverage. Your wrong! The ProRig Standard Coverage Option is free. Yes, FREE.

ProRig Standard Coverage Details

This warranty plan comes standard when you purchase a ProRig remanufactured unit at any Wheelco location. The Standard Coverage is 1-2 years depending on models. There is also a labor provision in the first year for all units.

Benefits of ProRig’s Standard Plan:

  1. Quality Product
  2. Free Warranty
  3. Labor Included

Reason #2: ProRig No-Hassle Plan

One of the most common scenarios in a transmission or differential warranty situation is the issue of non-warrantable failures. In other words, failures that are not caused by defective parts or workmanship. Mechanic errors in installation, driver abuse or errors, over-taxed driveline due to loads exceeding driveline capabilities. Can you say “SHOCK LOAD”? None of these failure types are covered by any other drivetrain distributors. One mistake can cost you the better part of your paycheck. Protect yourself with the ProRig No-Hassle Plan—the most popular warranty.

ProRig No-Hassle Coverage Details

This warranty plan covers situations such as:

  • Driver error or abuse
  • Shock load
  • Spin-out
  • Lube failures
  • Installation errors
  • Fatigue/overload

These situations are normally considered non-warrantable by other manufacturers and rebuilders. Like the Standard Plan, ProRig’s No-Hassle Plan includes labor in the first year of operation. If this plan appeals to you, be sure to purchase it at the initial point of sale of the product.

Benefits of ProRig’s No-Hassle Plan:

  1. Covers situations that are normally considered non-warrantable
  2. Labor Included

Reason #3: ProRig Extended Plan

Do you notice that most of your expensive replacements occur just after your warranty expires? This is a common complaint we’ve heard. That’s why ProRig is offering an Extended Plan.

ProRig Extended Coverage Details

This warranty plan adds one (1) year of extra coverage to products covered by the ProRig Standard Warranty Plan. The ProRig Extended Warranty Plan must be purchased at the initial point of sale of the product. Like ProRig’s other coverage plans, labor is included in the first year of operation.

Benefits of ProRig’s Extended Plan:

  1. Adds one (1) year of extra coverage
  2. Labor Included

Bundle Plans and Save

Want the best protection? Bundle the No-Hassle Warranty with the Extended Warranty. Get the most protection for your needs.

Know When You Need to Replace Your Parts

You know our pick for what brand to use when it’s time to replace your drivetrain components. But we also want you to know the signs and symptoms of failing parts as well as common causes.

Besides being costly, a mechanical failure of your transmission or differential can keep your equipment down for extended timeframes and cost you money. It is important to watch for these signs and get your truck inspected at the first sign of trouble.

Transmission Failure Symptoms and Causes

Symptoms of a Failing Transmission

  • Grinding when changing range or splitting
  • Hot temp reading
  • Rough shifts, grinding or shaking
  • Stick not staying in gear
  • Delayed engagement
  • Fluid leaks

Most Common Causes of Transmission Failure

  • Excessive heat
  • Low transmission fluid
  • Overload/Fatigue
  • Operator error or misuse.

Service your transmission every 30,000-60,000 miles. *This is a general guideline. Be sure to consult with your specific application’s recommendations.

Differential Failure Symptoms and Causes

Symptoms of a Failing Differential

  • Popping or clicking sound when moving slow.
  • Noise coming up through trans stick at road speed
  • High temp reading on the gauge
  • Power divider not operating properly.
  • Driver controlled locker not locking or unlocking

Most Common Causes of Differential Failure

  • Shock Load
  • Power divider spin-out
  • Fatigue/Overload
  • Operator error
  • Insufficient gear oil

Service your vehicle with an expertly trained mechanic. We can diagnose differentials and provide you with a solution before it becomes a big expense.

Next Step: Schedule a Service or Talk to an Expert

Need assistance in choosing the right part, scheduling a service or do you have more questions about our recommendations? Our aftermarket experts and service techs are ready to help you get exactly what you need. Simply give us a call or stop by one of our stores today.

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