New Refrigerant Regulations You Must Know

Know the latest EPA rules and regulations for the purchasing and selling of refrigerant that could affect you or your business.
United States - Environmental Protection Agency

2018 Refrigerant Regulations

On January 1, 2018, the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) put into place new regulations regarding the purchase and selling of refrigerant. This will affect customers purchasing Freon R-134A cylinders. The R404A cylinders are not part of the new regulations. Due to the regulation requirements for different quantities, we recommend you visit the EPA website to read firsthand the new requirements. 

EPA Helpful Links

For more information regarding this update, please view the EPA website to read firsthand the changes and requirements. 

Section 608 or 609 Technician Certification

As a customer, you must present a copy of one of your technician’s Section 608 or 609 Certification.  Only one technician must be certified for us to sell you refrigerant. The price for the certification is approximately $20.  

Wheelco’s Bookkeeping Recommendations

  1. Make a copy of certification and keep in designated folder.  If you a customer of Wheelco, we must also keep a copy of the certification for 3 years after the sale.
  2. A copy of the invoice containing refrigerant must be filed in designated folder and kept for 3 years.

If You Need the 608 or 609 Technician Certification

As a customer or business, if you need a certification, Wheelco recommends visiting the MACS Website to receive a Section 609 certification. 

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