Is Purchasing an Extended or Enhanced Warranty for My Transmission & Differential Worth It?

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Learn the benefits of ProRig’s Transmission & Differentials Warranties, review the coverage details, and see how bundling plans can save you time and money.

You expect a lot from your truck, and even if you religiously perform preventative maintenance, inspections and upkeep, you’ll eventually have to replace wearable parts. Drivetrain components are some of the most costly replacement parts on a heavy duty truck, yet there are few parts that are more essential than your transmission and differential.

In this article, we will explain the benefits of ProRig’s warranties, review the coverage details, and explain how bundling plans are designed to save you time and money.

  1. Should I Purchase an Extended or Enhanced Warranty for My Transmission & Differential?
  2. Wheelco Recommendation
  3. ProRig Coverage Options

Should I Purchase an Extended or Enhanced Warranty?

The answer is simple – Yes, you should.  When you consider the high replacement cost of these components against your truck maintenance budget, it drives the question home: “Can you afford NOT to add some insurance onto these components?”

Continuously paying out of pocket when replacing old and/or broken transmissions or differentials can seriously drive up maintenance costs and dissolve your bottom line. With vocational hauling in off-road conditions and the challenge of getting and keeping good drivers that know how to operate correctly, it is a fact that most premature failures in the first 1-2 years are due to driver operator errors. Shock load, power divider operation, differential lock operation, and load weight management are all typically not covered under standard manufacturer warranties.

While there is not a simple answer because of model variety, the average replacement cost of a heavy duty manual transmission is between $3,000 and $4,500, while a front power divider differential can range from $1,600.00 to $2,500.00. Automated transmissions and Allison automatic transmissions can exceed $6,000.00. That doesn’t include the labor costs or the downtime that you can’t work! Drivetrain replacement and installation costs can add up quickly. At Wheelco, we don’t want you to spend unnecessary time and money

Wheelco Recommendation: ProRig Parts & Warranties​

By purchasing ProRig Remanufactured Transmission & Differential units, you are purchasing parts that work as tough as you. Each ProRig Remanufactured Transmission & Differential unit comes with a free Standard Warranty, with more enhanced warranty packages available to add insurance value to your investment. These packages are the ProRig No-Hassle Warranty and the ProRig 1-Year Extended Warranty. We work hard to provide you with the best solutions for all your heavy duty needs, and that’s why ProRig products and warranties are exclusive to Wheelco Truck & Trailer only!

ProRig Coverage Options​

ProRig Standard Warranty​

This warranty plan comes free when you purchase a ProRig remanufactured unit at any Wheelco Truck & Trailer location. The Standard Coverage is 6 months to 3 years, depending on product models. This warranty includes a provision for flat rate labor!

  • Quality Product
  • Free Standard Warranty
  • Labor Included For First Year

ProRig No-Hassle Warranty

When you purchase a warranty, you expect things to be covered by the warranty. One of the most common failure scenarios in a transmission or differential warranty is the issue of non-warrantable failures, such as mechanic errors during installation, driver abuse, or over-taxed driveline due to loads exceeding driveline capabilities. 

By purchasing the optional ProRig No-Hassle Warranty, your worry about non-warrantable failures is gone! Protect yourself with the ProRig No-Hassle Plan—the most popular ProRig warranty offered.

ProRig No-Hassle Coverage Details​

This warranty plan covers situations such as:

  • Driver error or abuse
  • Shock load
  • Spin-out
  • Lube failures
  • Installation errors
  • Fatigue/overload

These situations are normally considered non-warrantable by other manufacturers and rebuilders. Like the Standard Plan, ProRig’s No-Hassle Plan includes labor in the first year of operation, up to the pre-deteremined labor amount. Follow-up failures will abide by the ProRig Standard Warranty policy. If this plan appeals to you, you must purchase the ProRig No-Hassle Warranty at the initial point of sale of the product.

  • Covers normal non-warrantable situations
  • Labor Included For First Year

ProRig Extended Plan​

Have you ever noticed that most of your expensive replacements occur just after your warranty expires? Don’t leave yourself with the repair bill. Instead, let us pick up the cost by purchasing the ProRig Extended Warranty.

ProRig Extended Coverage Details

This warranty plan adds one year of extra coverage to products covered by the ProRig Standard Warranty Plan. The ProRig Extended Warranty Plan must be purchased at the initial point of sale of the product. Like ProRig’s other coverage plans, labor is included in the first year of operation.

  • Adds one year of additional standard coverage
  • Labor Included For First Year

Bundle Plans and Save​

Want to be even more protected from downtime? Consider bundling the ProRig No-Hassle Warranty with the ProRig Extended Warranty to cover your transmission or differential from normal non-warrantable failures for your standard time frame plus an additional year. Warranty plans must be purchased together at the initial point of sale of the product.

Stop in any of our Wheelco Truck & Trailer locations for exclusive ProRig Transmissions & Differentials and be sure to purchase your additional ProRig Warranties for complete peace of mind. Give us a calltext, or message us through chat with any heavy duty questions you may have.

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